I am on the register of approved engineers for the Mica Redress Scheme. At the time of writing the scope and format of the reports to be presented to Donegal and Mayo County councils have yet to be finalised but it is anticipated the format will follow the NSAI IS 465:2018. As such the fee levels for the survey report have not been determined.

I am expecting to be in a position to offer a discount for groups of 4 to 5 householders who can arrange for me to view their homes on the same day in the same development as this will facilitate some economies of scale. I expect to be offering my services from July 2020 or as soon as the councils are prepared to accept applications for the scheme. Please contact me initially by e-mail!


If you are concerned about the presence of Pyrite in your home and are planning to submit a claim under Pyrite remediation scheme, we can undertake the required structural survey inspection and provide you with a fully detailed written report. The survey includes a detailed inspection of the whole property and a full level survey of the ground floor. The reports are completed to the specific requirements of the NSAI protocols.

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