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Pre purchase structural surveys

A structural survey is a detailed and comprehensive inspection of a property. An extensive examination of the building’s structure, both externally and internally including the roof/loft space is undertaken. The survey will include a full inspection for any issues concerning structural defects in the property, an inspection for the presence of damp, circuit testing all plug sockets, heating system function and an inspection of the general condition of the property. Any other items that we deem appropriate to make comment on will also be included in the detailed report, which will produced on completion the inspection. Colour photographs are also included of any items that merit specific attention.

We will also inspect with regard to any alterations that have been made on the property and advise if these alterations are in compliance with current planning and building regulation legislation. The report will provide a full assessment as to the condition of the property and will identify defects in the property or any upgrade works that may be required. Armed with this report the purchaser can make a more informed decision in regard to placing an offer on the property. The survey is carried out for the sole benefit of the purchaser.

Snaglists on new homes and building works

When the building work on a new property or is complete, we offer to undertake an inspection of the property for defective workmanship and omissions/incomplete work. These defects and omissions are commonly known as snags. These snags can be remedied before you move in to the new property thus ensuring it is finished to the standards you quite reasonably expect. As part of the fees charged we make a return visit to the property to ensure the builder has completed the snags. All reports are type written with each room in the property clearly defined.

Site setting out and ground surveys

We offer a service whereby we will set out the works prior to and during construction. This means that we will provide the required line and levels for your ground works contractor to excavate the foundations and drainage of the new building, alignment and levels for rising wall block work and internal walls, services, plumbing for radiators, etc up to finished ground floor level. In fact our engineers can provide any site surveying and setting out that you may require.

Expert witness service- when things go wrong

From time to time things do go wrong during the construction of any property or extension-it is the nature of construction for things to go wrong. Sometimes it can go so wrong that legal proceedings may be the only route to resolution of such difficulties. We offer an expert witness service where we will undertakes a full inspection of defective works, producing a comprehensive report and attend any legal proceedings as a witness on your behalf to give testimony as to the contents of any such reports. We know what questions to advise the legal teams to ask and we know how to best answer the opposing teams questions. We have an excellent track record in these matters.

Damp surveys

If you have an issue with damp in a your property we offer an inspection service which will locate and identify the cause of the damp. Advice can then be offered on a practical solution to resolve and eliminate the problem. All reports have colour photographs where appropriate.

Closed off area inspections

We have specialist survey equipment that allows us to see into closed off areas such as wall cavities. If you suspect that the walls of your property are not properly insulated or that work has not been completed in areas that have become closed off from visual inspection we can see into these areas for you. This will involve the drilling of small diameter holes so we can insert our inspection equipment into the closed off space. This approach limits the potential damage that might otherwise be required when opening up a closed off space. To our knowledge we are the only company offering the service at this time.