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    MICA REDRESS SCHEME I am on the register of approved engineers for the Mica Redress Scheme At the
  • Planning and Design Consultants

    We can produce quality design solutions to match your ideas and economic requirements, ensuring
  • Project management & supervision

    A full site project management and supervision service can be provided We undertake regular site
  • Stage Payment Certificates

    When the builder commences the work on site, we will administer the main building contract on your

Additional services

  • Pre purchase structural surveys

    A structural survey is a detailed and comprehensive inspection of a property An extensive
  • Snaglists on new homes and building works

    When the building work on a new property or is complete, we offer to undertake an inspection of the
  • Certificate of compliance for planning permission

    As chartered engineers we are in a position to certify building works or extensions for compliance
  • Site safety & safety documentation

    Site-specific health and safety plans Site-specific health and safety files Method statements and
  • Site setting out and ground surveys

    We offer a service whereby we will set out the works prior to and during construction This means
  • Expert witness service- when things go wrong

    From time to time things do go wrong during the construction of any property or extension-it is the
  • Damp surveys

    If you have an issue with damp in a your property we offer an inspection service which will locate
  • Closed off area inspections

    We have specialist survey equipment that allows us to see into closed off areas such as wall

Rules of Engagement: before things go wrong

Over the years we have attended many a client’s home to inspect building work that has been done on the property and which is turning out to be less than they were expecting in terms of quality and finish.

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