Pre purchase structural surveys

A structural survey is a detailed and comprehensive inspection of a property. An extensive examination of the building’s structure, both externally and internally including the roof/loft space is undertaken. The survey will include a full inspection for any issues concerning structural defects in the property, an inspection for the presence of damp, circuit testing all plug sockets, heating system function and an inspection of the general condition of the property. Any other items that we deem appropriate to make comment on will also be included in the detailed report, which will produced on completion the inspection. Colour photographs are also included of any items that merit specific attention.

We will also inspect with regard to any alterations that have been made on the property and advise if these alterations are in compliance with current planning and building regulation legislation. The report will provide a full assessment as to the condition of the property and will identify defects in the property or any upgrade works that may be required. Armed with this report the purchaser can make a more informed decision in regard to placing an offer on the property. The survey is carried out for the sole benefit of the purchaser.

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